Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's Do This

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Well I did it!  Got the older kids off to school today and then I made it to the gym!!!  I’m getting back into a routine now that I am getting everyone on a schedule again.  I ran four miles on the treadmill and then I cooled down on the stair master for 10 minutes.  I would like to try to exercise 45 minutes to an hour each day-part of my “me” time that got pushed aside during the summer is beginning to return!! I am by no means “skinny”  but in the last year I have started to get active again-even did a half marathon back in May with a bunch of my neighborhood girlfriends who are also moms trying to get their bods back. I’ve had difficulty in the past finding the energy and time to commit to exercise but now I won’t go back to that feeling of lethargy and having to start over.  It’s always so hard to start over.  But once I did, I made a vow to keep it up no matter what!
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I feel that after a workout I’m in a better mood and it gets me thinking about what I have to accomplish that day.  We belong to a great fitness center where there is an awesome “Kids Club” where my little boys enjoy spending some time during my alone bit.  
If you have some time but not a health club membership there are other ways to get going on your journey to better health.  

*Start a kid swap with a friend.  You take her kids while she runs errands or whatever and she takes yours while you go for a run.
*Join a stroller workout group or form one of your own. Go on long walks or runs with the stroller-it always is much more motivating to do it with girlfriends. 
*Throw a workout dvd in during a nap time.
*Take the dog for a long walk
*Wear a pedometer
All of the little contributions to physical exercise add up and contribute positively to weight management, general well being and mood.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A New Start

As I woke up this morning thoughts of great possibility ran through my head.  How would I spend my day, my week, my year? 
Lunches are packed, uniforms washed and ready, supplies ready for my four children who are all walking four blocks down the street into the next chapter of their lives.  My daughter - 5th grade.  My oldest son - 3rd grade.  My middle son - Pre-Kindergarten. And my youngest son is off to “Two’s Preschool” for a couple of hours 3 days a week.  But to have them all going....going with backpacks on their backs means something.  It means that I am starting a new chapter as well.  A chapter of possibility!  The things I will do and accomplish this year are endless!!

I am going to continue to go to the gym and step up my exercise plan!  I’m going to keep up with the crazy amounts of laundry that a house of six produces!  I’m going to wash the sheets once a week!  I’m going to take a shower most days! I’m going to read a book!(I’ve never been much of a reader but I’m going to pick up a book and become one!) I’m going to have an organized trip to the grocery store where I buy items for my planned nightly dinners! I’m going to organize the kids clothes and get rid of things that are too small! This school year while my kids are away I will do all these things and also do something that has meaning.  Today is the day that I will begin to chronicle my life as a housewife and a mother to a daughter and 3 sons.  Today is the day that my life becomes words and pictures on a screen so that I can visualize where I want my life to go and what it has become.  Today is the day that I begin to share pieces of my life and the things that I love.

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