Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thirsty Thursday-Refreshing White Wine Spritzer

This is it.  The last week of summer before the kids go back to school.  They aren't ready and neither am I. :( 
Don't get me wrong, we are prepared.  We have the supplies, the uniforms, the new shoes and hair cuts.   But…. the summer went way too fast and I felt almost rushed.  I could use a few more weeks of warm weather and pool time.  I could use a few extra late mornings and movie nights.  The kids will have a big adjustment. Early bed times and early mornings-yikes!!!  Well, whether we like it or not Monday is the day.  So today I am holding on to summer with both hands and in one hand is this cool, sparkling Spritzer.  

Refreshing White Wine Spritzer
1 bottle of favorite white wine
1 can of San Pellegrino lemon flavored sparkling water
Fresh summer fruits for garnish

Fill a wine or champagne glass with ice and pour about 4 ounces of wine and 2 ounces of sparkling water into the glass.  Add fruit for garnish and enjoy.  Refreshing and light.  
Perfect for a late summer night.  

I'd love to hear about your favorite summer drink concoctions.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The End of A Chapter

We've been talking about it for quite some time.  Taking the crib down for good.  The first time in almost twelve years.  We picked it out months before our oldest was even born.  We were so excited to be choosing the furniture that would be the anchors in our first child's room.  Which style would be the best??  Which finish???  We loved the anticipation and wonder of the whole process.
I would often sit in the empty room before she was born and stare at this crib and imagine how our lives would change.  Then they did.  Four times.  We brought each of our new babies home to this exact crib, leaning over its railings each and every day patting and shushing our babies to sleep.  As they grew, they loved the safety that this bed gave them and not once did any one of them try to escape the protective confines.  
One by one they outgrew its walls.  Yesterday was the end of a chapter that we will remember but can't relive.  I thought of the countless mornings of outstretched arms over railings which will be replaced by the sound of footsteps running to the door.  I thought about all of the nights I tiptoed across the floor after putting them to sleep in this crib.  The feeling of accomplishment at the highest level.  As I wiped away the tears I remember that the memories are vast and we will not put them away as we do with this crib.  We will continue to make new memories every day as we watch our kids grow.  The future is exciting and scary and unknown just like a new bed without bars.  This chapter has come to an end and we look forward to the many new ones ahead.

Here's to hoping that his new big bed provides the sweetest of dreams.  He will adjust and so will I!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy ShoesDay

Happy ShoesDay!!  That's the phrase we're using today at out house.  Back to school is two weeks away and we are getting ready with SHOES!!!  Gym shoes, school shoes, and a pair for mom ;).

We are not looking forward to summer's end but new shoes ease the pain.  My kids each need two pair-one for gym and another for everyday.  That's a lot of shoes and a big expense so I usually shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July and then whatever I don't purchase during the sale I search online for the best deal.  I gravitate towards darker colors to hide dirt and wear but the older kids have their own opinions.  This year they wanted Sperry and Nike so it's off to find the sale.
Click here for great a great Nike sale.
Click here for a fab Sperry sale.
And there's always my fave for great selection Nordstrom!
Hope your back-to-school prep isn't too painful and that you're able to get out there and enjoy the last couple of weeks.  I'd love to hear about your favorite places for back-to-school shoes.

Here are some more great shoe finds for the kids.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Get Away

Summer Get Away

We have been having a wonderful week with my mom in town.  We went to the zoo, downtown, botanic gardens and we are eating out every night.  It's a staycation of sorts and enjoying every moment that she's here.  This weekend we are off for a resort weekend at the lake with friends and I'm thinking about what to pack.  This is a perfect ensemble for relaxing by the pool and hanging at the lake.  The skirt can go from day to night and I love the embroidered detail.  My favorite sunnies are Ray Bans and I love these soft blue lenses.  How are you spending the last weeks of summer?  We are soaking in every moment.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Colorful Living Room With Chairish

Happy Monday!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We were busy planning and getting our house in order for my mom who is here with us for the week.  And preparing for her arrival gets me thinking about our home. 
We have lived in our home for eleven years.  We have lived through many small renovations as well as a three story addition that we did 5 years ago.   We love that our home is technically in the city but driving through our neighborhood you would think that you were in the suburbs.  All of the kids in the neighborhood walk to school or ride bikes.  The kids play Ghost In The Graveyard and sell lemonade on the corner.  We love, love our home but that doesn't mean I don't like to change it up a bit. Especially with paint color and furniture.  
Eleven years ago we moved in and picked out new furniture for our living room.  I had a designer help with color and floor plan.  Now I'm ready for a change and bright colors and I've found that Chairish is a great site for buying as well as selling exceptional consignment furniture.  Chairish makes sure that nothing gets posted to their site without it bring superior quality and great looking.  It's easy to snap some photos of your furniture that you want to sell and upload for consideration.  They also have an unbeatable 48hour return policy and they will store your items until they sell.  So go ahead and upload the Chairish app for buying and selling all home decor and don't think twice about the bright zebra chairs.
These great vintage accent chairs and others can be found here

I would love to hear about what you think about these great finds.
Check out Chairish for more great items.

Friday, August 1, 2014

SunFlower Friday

These just make me happy!  Despite the fact that it's August 1st and summer is running on fast forward.  I love these summer blooms-bright and cheerful and a beautiful way to start the weekend.  Happy Summer-can't think of anything better!  We will spend the last weeks enjoying every moment.  Soaking up the sun, playing in the pool, eating as much watermelon and ice cream as humanly possible.  We will splash, slurp, and spend every moment enjoying the freedom and carefree days of summer.  

How do you plan to spend your last weeks??

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