Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And So It Begins…Back to School

Well it's official.  Summer is officially over.  Not on the calendar but in our hearts and minds.  School started last week for the kids and Labor Day has come and gone.  Though the sun shines bright and the temperatures are warm the kids are back to a schedule and I am back to an alarm in the morning.  The dreaded alarm signals "it's go time".  The kids are off in the morning and when they come home it's homework, dance, soccer, football, cheer, quick dinner, showers and bed.  Our time is short and often rushed.  
I know that schedules are so important and the kids thrive on routine but I have mixed feelings about them going back.  The start of a new year means that my kids are growing up-and fast!  So often, I find myself wishing to be at the next phase and then once we get there I can't believe how fast time has gone.  "I can't wait til he's walking" and now he's running away.  "I can't wait until he can feed himself" and now he's packing his own lunches.  "I can't wait until they are all in school" and now they are and the house is quiet.  It happens in a blink.  A blink.  So we begin a new school year and I am crossing my fingers that I can take some time to soak it all in.  

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