Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gallery Wall

I am always trying to keep our house tidy even if it isn't clean.  Don't ask me why-it's just this thing about me.  I don't like a lot of clutter but a wall gallery allows for a collection of wonderful family photographs to be displayed in an organized, tidy fashion.  I like all types of gallery walls.  I like them neat and symetrical as well as eclectic and haphazard.  We have several small spaces where I have used small, simple versions of the gallery to add interest in the space.  Recently in our master bedroom I started a gallery on a larger wall.  This space is perfect for a collage of meaningful family pics.  I used all frames but I also like the look of objects, initials and mirrors mixed into the gallery.  I think I'm going to add some things for greater visual interest.  What do you think?
The master bedroom gallery wall.  I think I want to add a small round mirror and an inital to break up the space and add interest and texture.

Small arrangement at the base of the staircase.
Hallway gallery

Some of my favorite galleries that I have come across:

Pottery barn has a ton of ideas on its website.  Great gallery inspiration!  A wonderful way to display our family memories in our home.

Tips for gallery walls:
1. Display a collection of photos or a mix of illustrations and paintings.
2. Choose frames of different shapes and sizes.
3. Stagger displayed items for visual interest.
4. Add small objects such as mirrors, initals for added detail.
5. Remember that there is no right way to create a gallery!
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