Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kitchen Table

We spend a lot of our time sitting around our kitchen table which is often enlightening but it can also be miserable with four children.  Never the less we do it as much as we can. 
When designing our kitchen several years ago I had imagined a large farm table where everyone would gather with big cushions and fluffy pillows.  But in reality the cushions and pillows would get trashed with the little ones so we settled with a practical bench that's easy to clean. I will hopefully someday have the decorators dream and make this a more comfortable space:)
I feel these days, people don’t gather together as much, and they certainly don’t spend time around kitchen tables. Everyone is just too busy with other things. Too often, meals are eaten separately or on the run. I wish everyone could just get back to the basics and what really matters most–time spent with loved ones around the kitchen table!  Our family does it and I highly recommend it.

Our simple but extremely functional kitchen table.

Our family gathering place.
Built-in benches give us storage for oversized kitchen items.
We love the benches for seating.  It's so fun to have a bunch of kids sqeezed on the bench having pizza.

Bin pulls give the drawers a farmhouse finish.

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