Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Travels

It's the season for travel.  Long trips in the car and cross country flights-ahh sounds dreamy!  
For those of you who are off to grandma's for the holidays or anywhere for that matter I have some tricks that make traveling with little ones a breeze. 
We travel quite a bit for a family of six and in order to make the trip go smoothly we pack lots of tricks and plenty of treats.  

One of the tricks that works like a charm with toddlers is a snack box.  I use a clear plastic tool box and I fill each little compartment with small colorful snacks and treats.

This snack box is great for plane rides because it will keep your child quite busy for a long period of time.  I use things like baby goldfish, small cereal, raisins or crasins, tiny pretzels, fruit snacks, m&ms, nuts, tiny cookies.  Any sort of small, finger treats.  I also think a key component to its success is the variety and newness of the treats. 
Try to pick foods that your toddler doesn't eat on a regular basis.-Fun foods.  
Another version of this is the weekly pill box.  
Purchase a weekly pill container and place a sticker over each day.  
Fill each compartment with tiny snacks.  

Toddlers love to open each compartment and eat the surprise inside.  Fun for hours!  

I also bring individual snack bags for the older children so that each child is responsible for their own snacks.  I let them be the boss of their own bags so that I don't have to be in charge of their food during the flight.

Some other tricks that we always bring on trips:
Magnets and magnetic board
Books, books and more books
Coloring books, crayons and/or markers
Clip boards and paper
Stickers and sticker books
Post It Notes (toddlers can stick and peel these all over and they can be easily removed)
Match box cars and planes
Word Searches/Math Practice Books
Travel games
I pods-download games and movies

Hope these ideas help keep your kids busy on long trips.  I would love to hear your ideas!!!!

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