Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Great Start

It's so important to start the day off right with a healthy breakfast.  One of our family favorites during the school week when we are short on time is what we like to call Yogi and Granola.  It takes 1 minute to prepare, the kids love it and it's super healthy as well.  

Yogurt and Granola 
Great Start Breakfast

Favorite Granola Cereal-ours is Vanilla and Almond
Favorite Vanilla Yogurt-ours is Chobani Vanilla Blended Greek Yogurt 
Favorite Fruit Topping-ours is fresh raspberries

Other options 
any vanilla yogurt (doesn't have to be Greek)
fresh blueberries
fresh strawberries
fresh peaches
fresh pineapple

Begin by choosing your favorite vanilla yogurt.  Add granola cereal and top with fresh fruit. Voila!  
Super fast and a perfect healthy way to start the day.

1 serving of Chobani Vanilla Yogurt 120 calories
1/4 cup Vanilla Almond Granola 120 calories
1/2 cup Fresh Raspberries 30 calories
Total= 270 Calories

So try it for breakfast or make it for an afterschool treat!
I would love to hear about your favorite healthy starts.

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