Monday, January 20, 2014


This winter we've had no shortage of snow.  Although, when we're stuck inside these 3-D paper snowflakes are fun for the older kids to make while the young ones enjoy the traditional folding and cutting.  Sometimes it's necessary for the older kids to spend an afternoon away from the ipads and ipods and kick it "old school"-makin' crafts.  So we grab some paper and let it snow.

Materials for 3-D Paper Snowflakes
6 sheets of square paper
Tape or glue gun 

For each snowflake you will need 6 square sheets of paper.  

These 3-D snowflakes were just the beginning of some major snowflake making.  
Who knew folding and cutting could be so much fun???  I mean, they were so serious and the level of concentration was off the charts.  

My "flakes" loved making their own flakes!
I'd love to hear what you are doing inside on snowy days.

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