Wednesday, February 19, 2014

He Knows Me Well

Hubsy and I have been married 13 years and been together 20.  Long time huh???!!! He knows me better than anyone and that helps him be an impeccable gift giver. On Valentine's Day he surprised me with fresh tulips (my favorite) and a new wallet.  Doesn't sound that impressive??? Well, he's been watching me stuff every receipt, credit card, gift card, library card, rewards card, insurance card, drivers license, cash and change into my obviously too small wallet for quite some time.  Occasionally he'll crack a joke about my bulging, overcrowded wallet in which I respond with a flip of the hair and an "I'll show you I can make it all fit" response.
I couldn't be happier when I opened up the package and saw this beauty……

Ahhhaacue the angels singing!  He knows me so well.  Makes my heart go pitter pat.  Lotsa room for all of my stuff.  Space for every card, bills, change, receipts.  Yes, makes the little organized part of me so very happy!  Big smooch for the hubsy-well done! 
Love this pretty baby as much as me??  You can find this one and similar ones here.  I love this red bag too.  

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