Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Place

I have been looking for a ring-dish for my everyday jewelry for quite some time.  A special place that I can put my rings and earrings when I take them off at night.  I was getting tired of leaving them on the nightstand or bathroom counter and worried that they may get misplaced. 

I found a small square saucer at Pottery Barn for $3 and thought it was perfect for this purpose.  I already had the gold sharpie marker and large rhinestone.  The rest is simple-draw some polka-dots and hot glue the big ole diamond in the center. Voila!  Super easy and extremely inexpensive-Yippee!!!  Now this would make a great Valentine gift for a girlfriend or my sweet Caroline!

Hope you are staying warm.  We got more snow last night-don't think we have anywhere else to put it if we get anymore.-I feel like I'm living in an ice castle.  Spending my nights on travel websites looking to go someplace tropical.  Any ideas?????

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