Monday, February 17, 2014

Time and Tips

It's time to put the Valentine candy away.  The holiday is over…that's what I'm telling myself this morning.  It's time to go to the gym but who has the time?  With kids, school activities, jobs and commutes to jobs, errands to do, bills to pay, and a household to run, finding the time in a day to work out often falls to the bottom of the priority list.  
For me working out is important.  And yes there are days when something comes up that trumps a trip to the gym but most days I schedule it in and the trip has become routine.  I made the decision to give myself an hour each day and I've found if I'm happy than everyone else in the family has a better chance of being happy as well.  Win Win! 

If good health and great fitting clothes aren't enough to motivate then its time to roll out the tip jar.  Workout=tip in the jar.  Lotsa tips=pair of cute running shoes, new purse, or skimpy lingerie :)
Feeling great and getting something that I really want makes hitting the gym worthwhile.  

In my house, three of our four kids are off to school by 8:30a each day.  Our youngest and I head to the gym once the older kids are dropped.  There's childcare there that he often enjoys more than being home.  I like using that time after drop off so that I can workout and still have a chunk of time to get stuff done before the kids come home in the afternoon.
I have friends who prefer to get up at the crack.  Early morning workouts are perfect for early risers and  perhaps moms who are off to work.  It gives a sense of accomplishment before the day has even started.
I have friends who hit the gym right after work.  
I have friends that workout once the kids are in bed at night.
Every family is different. Schedules are different.
It is important to find the time whenever the time may be.  A time that fits my schedule and my life.

It's key to reward yourself. You've just completed a task and it took motivation and scheduling to do it.  Spring is just around the corner (although, as I type this we are getting yet another snow storm!)  so I am going to reward myself with these super cute flats for spring.  Choose your thing, work out, and work for it!  

I would love to hear about what motivates you to hit the gym.  Tips??? Time???? Tricks????

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