Monday, April 28, 2014

Packing Up

Well our spring break came to an end this weekend and we are back to the every day realities of being home.   I feel as though we waited for so long for our much needed break and it was over in a flash.  We had so much fun soaking up the sun and warm weather.  Lotsa beach time and hours in the pool.  Preparing for a family vaca takes some thought and I want to share how I pack up a family of 6 for an 8 day vacation.  We have taken so many trips over the years that I feel I have become somewhat of a packing-pro.  We don't necessarily pack light but it's extremely organized.

I have discovered especially being a mother to 3 sons that it is important to pack outfits for the boys and separate them into clear gallon sized zipper bags.  That way in the morning when they are getting dressed they can reach into the suitcase and pull out a bag that contains the clothes for the day-shirt, shorts, socks and underwear.  This keeps them from digging around in the suitcase and enables them to get ready themselves.  
My oldest son is going off to sleep away camp this summer for a week and I plan to pack him this way so he knows exactly what to wear.  I'm not sayin' that all boys have a difficult time finding clothes to wear but mine do:)

Outfits for the week.

I limit the kids to one large suitcase which stays under the 50lb limit and one carry-on.  Husby and I fit our things in one additional large suitcase.  
I keep in mind as I'm packing:
1. We never need as much as I think we will-pack mostly necessities.
2. We will purchase things on our trip that we'll have to have room for on the return.
3. We can always hit the store in case we forget something.

Extras I don't like to leave home without:
a great beach bag 
goggles for the kids
white noise machine
comfortable shoes
a good book
snacks and activities for the plane found here.

Hope this helps when you find yourself packing up the fam on your next trip.  I am already dreaming and planning for our next family vacation!  Planning to share some vacation photos in a later post!
Happy Monday!  

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