Thursday, May 22, 2014

Patriotic Punch

Today is thirsty Thursday and it's one for the kiddos.  I guess you could add a little sometin' for the grown-ups but you might be stretchin' it a bit when it comes to taste.-Ha! 
This conconction reminds me of when you let the littles get their own fountain sodas and they mix all the sodas to make one kid mixture of tastiness.  :)  Well this is a pretty and patriotic version of that!  The kids are sure to love it! Enjoy the day!!!

Patriotic Punch
You will need:
Red juice or punch-high sugar content for the bottom layer
Blue gatorade-the regular kind (not sugar free) for the middle layer
Diet 7-Up or Sprite for the top layer
Fill 1/3 of the glass with ice and add red juice layer.  Fill the middle 1/3 with ice and add the blue gatorade layer.  Lastly fill the top 1/3 with ice and add the clear Sprite layer.

Today is my 100th post!  I guess I should've featured a champagne spritzer in celebration!  Oh well,  I can have one of those and the kids can have one of these! :)

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