Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The End of A Chapter

We've been talking about it for quite some time.  Taking the crib down for good.  The first time in almost twelve years.  We picked it out months before our oldest was even born.  We were so excited to be choosing the furniture that would be the anchors in our first child's room.  Which style would be the best??  Which finish???  We loved the anticipation and wonder of the whole process.
I would often sit in the empty room before she was born and stare at this crib and imagine how our lives would change.  Then they did.  Four times.  We brought each of our new babies home to this exact crib, leaning over its railings each and every day patting and shushing our babies to sleep.  As they grew, they loved the safety that this bed gave them and not once did any one of them try to escape the protective confines.  
One by one they outgrew its walls.  Yesterday was the end of a chapter that we will remember but can't relive.  I thought of the countless mornings of outstretched arms over railings which will be replaced by the sound of footsteps running to the door.  I thought about all of the nights I tiptoed across the floor after putting them to sleep in this crib.  The feeling of accomplishment at the highest level.  As I wiped away the tears I remember that the memories are vast and we will not put them away as we do with this crib.  We will continue to make new memories every day as we watch our kids grow.  The future is exciting and scary and unknown just like a new bed without bars.  This chapter has come to an end and we look forward to the many new ones ahead.

Here's to hoping that his new big bed provides the sweetest of dreams.  He will adjust and so will I!

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