Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our BOY is Twelve

Our first born is twelve today!  I remember the day we brought him home and he was ours-like it was yesterday.  I was four months pregnant with our daughter.  We wanted to have a dog before baby.  Doggy first, baby second.  He has watched us become parents over the last twelve years-4 times.  He is our rock, our comfort, our snuggler, our playmate.  He is all powerful-He can melt our heart with a single gaze.  He loves water.  Water of all kinds-lakes, pools, snow!  He is our companion our friend our fur baby.  He's a little slower than he used to be.  A little gray in the face.  He sleeps a little more than he used to but he remains so happy and content.  We love him so and he knows it.  Today he gets lots of extra belly rubs, more walks and treats.  He is one lucky pup and so are we, cause he is ours. Happy Birthday ole'man Carlton.  

We picked up a few of his favorite toys and treats.  His favorite treats in the whole wide world are found here.

Happy Birthday Boy!

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